Author: jervo

HTML5 Compatibility Chart

HTML5 compatibility on mobile and tablet browsers with testing on REAL devices. What you can and can not do on your mobile device with HTML5.

Reliable local hosting

A free, 5-part video course on how to set up apps to do reliable localhosting on your OS X or Windows computer.

Bluehost Spoke

Drexel has worked out a deal with BlueHost that offers students domain registration and hosting at a discounted student rate. It is strongly recommended you take advantage of this opportunity when setting up your...

Sublime Text 2

Professional level editing tool. Here are some helpful links for setting up and customizing the editor: Package Control Setting Up Essential Plugins Emmet Documentation Fetch

Adobe Brackets

My favorite editor for initial web site development. Essential Plugins: App Cache Buddy Beautify Brackets Color Palette Brackets File Icons Brackets SVG Code Hints BracketstoIX Code Folding Code Outline colorHints Delete to Line Start/End...