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Star Force 03 – Rebellion

Rebellion is the turning point in the great interstellar war between all living creatures and the machines. Star Force is on the side of the machines–but for how long? B. V. Larson

The Rho Agenda 01 – The Second Ship

For sixty years, the National Laboratory in Los Alamos, New Mexico, has been investigating the powerful technologies of a damaged alien ship, an effort dubbed the “Rho Project.” Now, the American government is ready...

Star Force 02 – Extinction

“Earth’s Star Force Marines invade an alien world!” Nano tech does not make you immortal. B. V. Larson

Star Force 01 – Swarm

“Earth arms marines with alien technology and builds its first battle fleet!” Oh snap.. enough said! B. V. Larson

Halo – Ghost of Onyx

by Eric Nylund. Really good read, I wish the entire series was on kindle.

Halo – Contact Harvest

by Joseph Staten. Not all heros are Spartans. Great read on the makings of Sergeant Major Johnson “Bip. Bap. Bam!”