Facebook Settings

Posted on April 11, 2018 in Digital Media, Personal, Web

Steps I took to help secure my facebook account:

– I removed the Facebook App from all of my mobile devices.
– I only access Facebook.com in a “Private” browser window.

Settings -> General
– “Download a copy” of my Facebook Data and REVIEWED it!

Settings -> Apps and Websites
– Removed all active “Apps, Websites and Games”.
– TURNED OFF all “Apps, Websites and Games”.
– Set “Old Version of Facebook for Mobile” to “Only me”.

Settings -> Ads
– Reviewed and then edited “Your interests”
– Reviewed and then edited “Advertisers you’ve interacted with”
– Reviewed and then edited “Your information”
– Reviewed and then edited “Ad settings”
– Reviewed and then edited “Hide ad topics”

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