Aim high:

I used to work for 333TRS/TTCSS Kessler AFB MS 39531 as a Mobile Training Team Master Instructor in the Air Force. This means I actually got paid to travel around the world and teach the following courses:

  • Computer Networking
  • Unix System Administration
  • Oracle Database Concepts and SQL

Before I got this super kool assignment, I had another kool job teaching Computer Concepts, and Software Engineering, while attending college at the University of Southern Alabama, majoring in Computers & Information Sciences. Talk about a busy schedule; However, It does help make a pretty good resume. What’s even better is that as great as my last job was. I am planing on my future careers to be even more advantageous. Interactive Multi-Media Engineering Consultant, and College Professor.

Be All That You Can Be:

What do you do when your fresh out of high school, and can’t afford college? What do you do when you want to be a stunt-man but can’t afford stunt-man school?
Why…. you join the Army so that you can go through the obstacle/confidence course.. Twice! Join the army so that you can do dangerous stuff like repel off of Geranimo’s cliff.. Twice. While your at it.. make sure to sign up to be a MP [Military Police] It dosen’t matter that you’re only 5′ 7″ and 115 pounds soaking wet. They have waviers for height and weight,… if your crazy enough to pass all the other MP test.. 😎