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Destiny RAID – Complete!

Just completed Destiny “Vault of Glass” RAID. Awesome gameplay experience! My completed mission reward.. a SHIP. 8-( Now I know why people replay the mission several times.. To get kool armor and gear! —...

Halo Reach Perfectionist

JERVO: Firefight Matchmaking. [one_half] Onyx: Perfectionist Complete 5,000 rounds without dying K/D Ratio 111.42 WHAT!?! [/one_half] [one_half_last][/one_half_last]

Rocking MTV Logo!

Digital Media – Web Development Interactive Design student Chelsea Myers rocks the logo for MTV’s Music Design Awards. Read article.

DIGM Senior Show 2013

This years Senior Show is rolling in stronger than ever. WHAT: This years Digital Media senior show features projects in the areas of Gaming, Animation, and Web Development. We have 5 projects being shown....

Scott Sigler Collection

I buy a LOT of stuff from my favorite SciFi Author-Podcaster Scott Sigler. I’m a Old School Junkie! Visit Scott Sigler Online

E-mail Etiquette

Emails that tick me off: Blank and/or non-meaningful subjects! Email sent to multiple readers that is meant for one reader without any mention of whom that person is in the body! Email with answers...