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Destiny RAID – Complete!

Just completed Destiny “Vault of Glass” RAID. Awesome gameplay experience! My completed mission reward.. a SHIP. 8-( Now I know why people replay the mission several times.. To get kool armor and gear! —...

Halo Reach Perfectionist

JERVO: Firefight Matchmaking. [one_half] Onyx: Perfectionist Complete 5,000 rounds without dying K/D Ratio 111.42 WHAT!?! [/one_half] [one_half_last][/one_half_last]

Rocking MTV Logo!

Digital Media – Web Development Interactive Design student Chelsea Myers rocks the logo for MTV’s Music Design Awards. Read article.

Scott Sigler Collection

I buy a LOT of stuff from my favorite SciFi Author-Podcaster Scott Sigler. I’m a Old School Junkie! Visit Scott Sigler Online

E-mail Etiquette

Emails that tick me off: Blank and/or non-meaningful subjects! Email sent to multiple readers that is meant for one reader without any mention of whom that person is in the body! Email with answers...