Dominant Species

Dominant Species

Just finished “Dominant Species” by Michael E. Marks. Great SciFi book with twists and turns that I did not expect. I got it on my Kindle 2 for just $1.99.

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Jack of all Trades

In todays new media world it’s not:

Jack of all trades, Master of none.


You gotta be proficient in ALL trades, and Master of ONE!

Jervo original.

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E-mail Etiquette

Emails that tick me off:

  • Blank and/or non-meaningful subjects!
  • Email sent to multiple readers that is meant for one reader without any mention of whom that person is in the body!
  • Email with answers to questions sent days ago without any mention of what the original questions where!
  • Emails with “jacked up” return addresses!

E-mail etiquette.

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My life’s goal

My life’s goal used to be, just to be with you, now I know the only way I can find peace, is just to get away from you!

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