Digital Media Showcase 2014

We are approaching the beginning of an exciting new era. On Saturday, May 31st we will be hosting our final Digital Media Senior Show for the B.S. Digital Media Degree.

Digital Media Showcase
Saturday, May 31, 2014
URBN Annex
3401 Filbert Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104
1:00 pm Stage Presentations
2:30-4:00 pm Exposition


This year we have 7 teams showing their outstanding work. These include animated shorts, experimental games, mobile applications, and responsive web designs. For the first time, we will also be integrating Thesis work from our Masters candidates in the Expo portion of the show.

We would like to invite you to come to the event. It will be held in our new home in the URBN Center.
Please RSVP by Friday, May 9, 2014 at

In 2015 we will start conferring students with our three new undergraduate degrees within the newly founded Department of Digital Media:

  • B.S. Animation and Visual Effects
  • B.S. Game Art & Production
  • B.S. Interactive Digital Media
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Indian Hill – 02 Reckoning

Indian Hill – 02 Reckoning

Indian Hill 2: Reckoning starts where the first book in the series left off. After escaping from the Progerian Alien vessel, Michael Talbot is now given the opportunity to hide in obscurity with the rest of the human race or rise to the occasion and once again find himself immersed in a battle that he wants nothing to do with.

Mike goes home and while reconnecting with a family that believed him dead he decides to join whatever resistance force can be mustered to repel the oncoming invasion. As the world of man gets thrust towards the abyss of extinction, two women in love with the same man make a desperate bid to travel across the country to reunite with him.

Mike will suffer the ultimate betrayal from those he loves the most. Will mankind fall and be ground to dust like so many other civilizations or will the tiny humans thwart a takeover? Only time, and shed blood will tell.

Second book of Mark Tufo’s Indian Hill trilogy.

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Indian Hill – 01 Indian Hill

Indian Hill – 01 Indian Hill

Indian Hill is about an ordinary boy who grows up in relatively normal times but who finds himself thrust into an extraordinary position. Growing up in suburban Boston, Michael enjoys the trials and tribulations that all adolescents go through, from the seemingly tyrannical mother, to girl problems, to run-ins with the law. From there he escapes to college out in Colorado with his best friend, Paul, where they begin to forge new relationships with those around them. It is one girl in particular that has caught Michael’s eye, and he alternately pines for her and laments ever meeting her.

It is on their true “first” date that things go strangely askew. This is where the story truly takes a paranormal twist. Mike soon finds himself captive aboard an alien vessel, fighting for his very survival. The aliens have devised gladiator-type games. The games are of two-fold importance for the aliens: one is their entertainment value, and the other is that the aliens want to see how combative humans are, what our weaknesses and strengths are. They want to better learn how to attack and defeat us. The battles are to the death on varying terrains that are computer-generated.

First book of Mark Tufo’s Indian Hill trilogy.

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