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Classroom Quotes

Waiting for system feedback: Ohh the speed! Someone is confused: Pizza?? I didn’t order any d!@#$ Pizza! Important information: Write this down, use a pencil, pen, crayon, get a tattoo (joke)

Scott Sigler Collection

I buy a LOT of stuff from my favorite SciFi Author-Podcaster Scott Sigler. I’m a Old School Junkie! Visit Scott Sigler Online

Halo – Ghost of Onyx

by Eric Nylund. Really good read, I wish the entire series was on kindle.

Halo – Contact Harvest

by Joseph Staten. Not all heros are Spartans. Great read on the makings of Sergeant Major Johnson “Bip. Bap. Bam!”

Halo – Fall of Reach

by Eric Nylund. Excellent read, “Halo The Fall of Reach”. Now I know just how John grew up to become a Spartan II.