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Scott Sigler Collection

I buy a LOT of stuff from my favorite SciFi Author-Podcaster Scott Sigler. I’m a Old School Junkie! Visit Scott Sigler Online

Halo – Ghost of Onyx

by Eric Nylund. Really good read, I wish the entire series was on kindle.

Halo – Contact Harvest

by Joseph Staten. Not all heros are Spartans. Great read on the makings of Sergeant Major Johnson “Bip. Bap. Bam!”

Halo – Fall of Reach

by Eric Nylund. Excellent read, “Halo The Fall of Reach”. Now I know just how John grew up to become a Spartan II.

The Variant

Just finish a very good short story on the train ride home this evening. “The Variant” by John August. Total cost for the kindle version.. 99 cent. Being able to download it and read...